Step right in and become the bartender at BAR OASIS. Carry your own bar with you anywhere you go to make cool cocktails and interact with delightful characters.

Close to a 100 drinks and close to 150 liquors to choose from, including Bar Oasis original cocktails.

A text-based story mode with many a colourful characters and immersing storylines with multiple endings, as well as a cocktail simulator make drinks mode to read about, learn, and make drinks.

New to our bar? Then go check out Bar Oasis and Bar Oasis 1.5 to catch up.


In the STORY MODE, come to your own bar at anytime, anywhere, and be greeted by your annoying boss, delightful regulars, and various random customers in Bar Oasis. Make and serve drinks and cocktails, talk to customers, and have fun. All this, while learning what it takes to be a bartender in your own good time.

In the MAKE DRINKS mode, choose drinks, view recipes, read about them, and even make the drinks yourself with easy-to-follow instructions, albeit virtually. Also learn about various liquors displayed on the shelves. Feel like trying the real thing? Follow the recipe at home and DIY, or show the recipe to a bartender at your favorite bar. Most drinks you can find in a bar near you, but some drinks can only be found in Bar Oasis.

Bar Oasis soundtracks and ringtones now available in iTunes Store and Amazon!!!

The first Bar Oasis soundtrack nominated by OSV (Original Sound Version) as a candidate for the 2010 indie game OST of the year award, and the newly released Bar Oasis 2 soundtrack!

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