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iPad hit comes to the iPhone! Forget ordinary Brick/Blocks and Arkanoid game. This is ArkanoArena!
Try ArkanoArena for iPhone FREE and get ready for the arrival of the full version.

Next-gen Arkanoid with amazing inovations and gameplay. Beautiful steampunk graphics and story - Take the invitation and win this incredible contest.

- The almighty Stinger - the name of the vehicle in the game
- Mr. Arkano and his store - lets upgrade Stinger a little bit, shall we?
- Story... do you have what it takes to win this incredible contest?
- 10 unique & addicting levels / arenas - FREE version
- 3 game modes
- Various weapons, upgrades and bonuses
- Survival mode: All guns & upgrades - but one chance!
- Time bonuses
- Auto save and automatic restore (normal mode, HC mode)
- Cool & dangerous enemies (that´s what guns are for!)
- Beautiful graphics, cool sounds and music

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