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Aeronautics Space Flight Mission is the newest, most addicting, and fun game available!!! It is perfect for people in search of a simple game that can provide anywhere from two minutes of fun while waiting in line to hours of fun sitting on the couch trying to complete all the available space missions! People of either sex and from all backgrounds, ranging from adults to teenagers to young children (family friendly for kids) will love the challenge of guiding a state-of-the-art space missile rocket in deep space, crashing it into the target crater and creating a BIG BANG EXPLOSION.

The story behind the game: This game is inspired by NASA LCROSS mission (moon bombing) in search of water/ice. The LCROSS mission sends a rocket crashing into the moon causing a big impact and creating a crater, throwing tons of debris and potentially water ice and vapor above the lunar surface. This impact will release materials from the lunar surface that will be analyzed for the presence of hydrated minerals which would tell researchers existence of water.

Due to the high costs involved in these missions, you have only one chance to crash the space rocket to the target crater and you have to be VERY PRECISE in guiding the rocket. Take full advantage of the touch and motion controls of the iPhone and IPod touch to guide the space rocket to avoid asteroids, meteors and collect stars for more gold. Upgrade your shield, buy more bombs, upgrade boosters to achieve warp speeds, and much more!

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