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Imagine a JRPG with your neighborhood tavern for adventurers, except that tavern is run by you. Adventure Bar Story combines JRPG with cooking simulation. The game was originally released for the PSP in 2011, and has since been ported to mobile and 3DS platforms over the following years.

As Siela Schpeck, owner of Kamerina's Bar, you must increase the popularity of your tavern in order to prevent it from being bought out by a rival restaurant owner. Siela must team up with fellow adventurers in order to defeat monsters outside of the town to earn exotic ingredients needed to make delicious and off-the-wall meals. Some delicacies are more in vogue when in season. Players can strengthen their adventuring fellows by feeding them at the tavern to gain experience.

Win over customers and contests to Rank Up the tavern and experience new story events. Master over 400 recipes using ingredients earned from over 10 dungeons filled with dangerous monsters.

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