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Little Red Riding Hood is a familiar story told to children at an early age. While it may be a child's tale, nothing can mask the adult tones and the deep-seeded darkness it embodies. Little Red Riding Hood is about a girl in peril being stalked by a cunning and conniving wolf. Family members get eaten, the villain tricks the heroine, and the wolf is ultimately eviscerated.

Red Rage continues the story of Little Red while embracing the mature themes the tale was founded on. After the events of the story Red is left nearly insane and in need of therapy after enduring the trauma of being stalked and eaten. In her best interest, she is committed to an insane asylum to begin her rehabilitation.

But all is not well and the brethren of the wolf begin to plot. While they ideally would exact their revenge directly against Red, the institution in which she is being held is too well guarded for them to get access. Instead they kidnap Granny and hold her hostage, sending Red a ransom note sealed with blood.

Red doesn't hesitate for a moment and breaks out of the asylum to save her Granny. Once outside she is ambushed by the wolves laying in wait. Red defends herself with the Woodsman's axe and dispatches the enemies. However, Granny is still being held by the Master Wolf. Red must battle her way through the town to find her, but that is just the beginning of her quest.

Lyndon's Wicked Tales: Red Rage is an epic story that takes the story of Little Red Riding Hood and turns it on its head. The game fully embraces the true nature of the story and creates a dark and intriguing tale that pits Red on an engaging journey against wolves, vampires, and werewolves. Of course there are many twists throughout the game that propel the player forward and continue the story.

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