a1 Chess: Easy, Fun, Powerful Chess

a1 Chess is the easiest to use, most fun chess game available.

Designed from the ground up for the iPhone and the iPod touch, the UI is simple and slick, with a beautiful, clear board and easy to move pieces. No clunky menus, no wading through multiple screens to play a game. Start playing immediately.

No matter what your ability level is, you will enjoy playing with a1 Chess. Choose one of ten levels of play - from beginner levels great for children and new players, to expert levels ideal for serious players. The engine is robust and powerful, ensuring challenging play even for hard core chess players.

a1 Chess plays classic chess, incorporating all legal rules such as castling, promotion, en passant, draw by repetition, draw by 50 move rule, and draw by stalemate. When starting a new game, easily choose White or Black.

a1 Chess offers several innovative features to enhance your chess game:

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