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The 3D Fantasy Tunnel is a fast and exiting action game which requires good reflexes. The aim of the game is to get into the checkpoints and then to the finish through the choosen tunnel by emerging the different obstacles.

Game Play


- 6 different, long and exciting scene with various enemies and obstacles
- dynamic music which can be choosen by the player or we can listen to our own music with imusical
- unique game experience
- gyroscopic control
- stereophic sound effects

Hardware Info

Official URL

sims lover
Oct 07, 11 11:51am
it look like awsome 3DFantasyTunnel iPhone
Aug 31, 11 1:47am
hi I love animal crossing so add me if you want 3DFantasyTunnel iPhone
Aug 15, 11 10:22am
It's ok but it's fun 3DFantasyTunnel iPhone
Jul 06, 11 11:03pm
webdesign 3DFantasyTunnel iPhone
May 09, 11 5:31pm
I've actually finished the game already but im still trying to finish the weapon manual~ 3DFantasyTunnel iPhone
alexis rocks
Mar 22, 11 12:30pm
POOOOP 3DFantasyTunnel iPhone
Knightmare Chaotix blogged
Feb 07, 09 10:44pm


I beat Cowboys from Hell, Bark At The Moon, Texas Flood, AND Frankenstein on Expert Lefty Flip.


I'm still "WTF"ing.

Oh, lol at my score on Bark At The Moon, 66640. xD

But... wow. Just... wow. TIME TO MOVE ON TO GUITAR HERO II! =D


I'll be working on a Randy Rhoads tribute song sometime, I'll add those lyrics to this post.

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Nagare blogged
Jan 18, 09 6:02pm

Well, I installed Mirror's Edge (PC version) last night and went through the tutorial and started the first chapter. The story behind it is great, but I fear they won't add much to it as I continue to play. Another thing is that the game is really well put together with the graphics:

-bright because of the sun
-white roof reflects more so it is even brighter
-banners wave
-plastic things wave down (like at store where carts go sometimes)
-in vents, pieces of paper are stuck and waving

...well if all of that is so damn realistic, why, may I ask, can I not fly through a window? I think that would have been nice, or even be able to catch onto a ledge, no realistic person would fall and not try to save themselves somehow (or in Faith's case wave her hands frantically).

I understand that may have been hard to code but with all the other Physx enabled tid bits, shattering glass couldn't be too hard, and if it was, just screw that and have some open window or something I could fly through if I missed jump by a few inches. If a window was smashed, send the "blues" after me even though so far they suck. Honestly, who misses shots at point blank range?

I guess I am just complaining because I have died a few times but oh well :P

I'll upload some pics at another time, but if you want to see some right now, check out the profiles.

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