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Reclusive and impoverished, the totalitarian regime known as the Democracy of the Liberated People (DLP) has used its military threat to squeeze concessions out of the nations of the world.

Unconditional aid and continued attempts at diplomacy failed to achieve the international community’s objective of bringing the regime out of its isolation. Instead, the aid was perceived as evidence that the world only responds to aggression.

The world tried a different approach and tied their aid to key demonstrable steps towards improvement, not the least of which was the dismantling of the DLP’s nuclear arsenal. After several deadlines passed, international aid was cut off. In light of the world’s united front, the DLP raised the stakes with a fresh round of saber rattling.

Longer range missiles were tested, larger underground nuclear experiments were conducted and a fresh round of political rhetoric was unleashed by the DLP, “We have every right to defend our nation and we will continue to strengthen our defensive capabilities, including our nuclear deterrent.”

The United States Navy then intercepted a DLP ship importing weapons, missile components and nuclear materials in direct violation of the world’s resolutions. This enraged the DLP, "There is no room for talks with a government that publicly defiles our name and denies our entity. This cowardly act is a declaration of war!" Days later, the DLP launched a full scale assault on the US Navy fleet that held its ship…

Caught in the middle of an international crisis, you are the naval aviator charged with the defense of your carrier and the lives that depend on it from the enemy’s relentless attack. Fortunately, you are in control of the world’s most advanced jet fighter. The F-35 is a modern marvel, centralizing all information and controls at your command.

With the ominous threat of a looming nuclear attack, millions of lives hang in the balance. Can you navigate the perilous political waters to save the lives of your crew while preventing a nuclear war? The entire world is watching your every move…

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