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Play as a soldier in the bloody missions of World War II. You and the members of your squad were sent to Paris, France with only one mission: Kill Nazis. On the way to destination spot, your plane was shot down. Every one, except for the sergeant, managed to escape the burning plane and hide in the woods. You are a loyal and courageous soldier so you must help him. That is the start of your first mission and a long bloody way to victory.

Each and every level will have its unique missions: either to save the sergeant, defend the territory till squad arrives, kill Nazis or get more scalps, hundreds of Nazi scalps… That's right, killing Nazis is not enough, getting their scalps is your utmost revenge! After completing all missions, your last call will be the fight with "The Boss" general and his division of angry soldiers. He was the one standing behind those terrible war crimes and he must be punished.

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