You start out as an absolute beginner in music. But after lots of practicing and hard work, you can become a full-fledged music star!

Game Play

The simple controls include touch screen movement and option select. No tilting or shaking required.


  • A customizable star.
  • Add friends to jam and record songs.
  • The ability to post posters at real world locations.
  • Add friends by looking at their posters.
  • A variety of instruments to level up and master.
  • Customize a house of your own.
  • Use Star Cash and Coins to purchase new furniture and clothing items.
  • A variety of ways to earn cash.
  • Gamecenter and Facebook integrated.
  • An intuitive leveling system for instruments and stars alike!

Hardware Info

This game is exclusive to the iOS systems (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) and there are no system requirements.
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