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With ultra-intense action, stunning visuals, and innovative play against friends, Mirror's Edge™ will truly leave you breathless. It's an adrenaline-packed iPad essential!

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Grab hold of the cutting-edge gaming power of your iPad as you bolt into action as Faith Connors — an underground "Runner" who must stop a deadly threat in a "perfect society" full of sinister surveillance and relentless pursuers.

EXCLUSIVELY WITH iPAD, use the split screen interface and race head-to-head in 2 Multiplayer modes. Run, slide, zip, and hurdle through a stunning HD cityscape. Blaze through 14 levels in single-player campaign mode, engaging in furiously fast combat and pushing yourself to the very edge.


■ Breathtaking HD Visuals
■ Unbelievable Face-to-face Multiplayer Action
■ iPad Optimized Race Environments

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Aurigae and 2 others own Mirror's Edge
looks fun and ive heard plenty of good things about it. MirrorsEdge PC
CruelLeader played Mirror's Edge
Won't even start up. Will update if I ever get it fixed. MirrorsEdge PC
My favourite game. It involves my favourite sport. The first person mode makes the game so much more real. MirrorsEdge X360
I'm Not Normally Very Good With This Kind Of Game Play, Which Puts Me Off A Little But I Love The Art Of It SO Much I'm Always Pulled... MirrorsEdge X360
I played a demo of it. People say the demo is pretty much the whole game, but I want the full game anyway. It's cheap. MirrorsEdge X360
Quite hard. I like free running. Can't wait for the new one. MirrorsEdge X360
Score: 86 An acquired taste but what a sweet taste it is. MirrorsEdge X360
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