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From Appy Entertainment, creators of SpellCraft School of Magic, Trucks and Skulls and FaceFighter Ultimate!

Quest with friends for loot and glory in Animal Legends!

The evil Vampire Frog Skulk has cast a blight upon the land and only you and your friends can defeat him! Create your hero from one of three animal types, each with their own advantages and skill paths -- assemble your party of steadfast rhino warriors, nimble raccoon rogues, and crafty owl wizards!

Discover epic treasures, gear up with magical artifacts, and unlock powerful battle tactics to combat a huge variety of foes. And because friendship is the greatest treasure of all, invite friends' characters to join you on dangerous quests, with greater riches and fame for everyone!

Combat is fast, fun, and easy to understand, with colorful animation and sound effects. Clear the wild forest, build up your fantasy town, and battle funky monsters as you scribe YOUR name in the book of Animal Legends!

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