Futuristic racing at it's best with strong career season based on 40 races and 6 types, along with alternative side missions. Throw in an intuitive weapon system and the competition becomes grueling. Features include changing weather effects, and destructible scenery, and customizable characters.


  • The next step in the evolution of the XG racing series, XGRA is a living future sport, with bigger weapons, faster vehicles, more treacherous tracks, and unique characters.

  • Manage your career from naïve rookie to global champion!

  • Blast away parts of the track, creating obstacles for pursuing riders

  • Improve your bikes with upgradeable weapons and enhance your rider with cybernetic implants.

  • Pick from 7 interactive race environments with different track variations, ranging from pure racing to destructive combat melees, from day to night, and from clear skies to harsh thunderstorms.

  • Undertake contracts and sub-missions while still in mid-race to please team owners and sponsors.

  • Choose from 8 unique characters, each with their own look, personality and riding style.

  • Experience an advanced physics system incorporating wheel locks, wheelies, skids, slides and airborne control.
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