WrestleMania can define a legacy, and yours is about to be written. The greatest spectacle in sports-entertainment comes to Xbox with WWE WrestleMania 21. The WWE experience has never been more lifelike with Superstar voice-over and commentary, an all-new proreversal system and motion capture technology, making this the most realistic looking grappler to date. Create the ultimate Superstar and watch him evolve as you earn new move-sets, costumes and abilities in your quest for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Build the perfect championship belt and defend it on Xbox Live while gaining prestige with each victory you claim, or take on four of your friends in head-to-head competition online. WrestleMania 21 will immortalize your legacy forever. How will you become a Legend?


The pro reversal system at its core is nothing new. The triggers are used to counter strikes or grapples, but the Pro Reversal system has taken things a step further. Just about every move has a unique counter, meaning that there are more than 200 reversal animations. Quite frankly, it's a sweet display during a match. In the latest build, new reversal icons have been implemented to flash on screen during the moment you can reverse a move. It's much clearer now -- as opposed to earlier builds -- how long you have to reverse a move. Some moves are literally as quick as the blink of an eye, while others keep the reversal icon up for several seconds. The two higher difficulties remove the visual cue, minimizing reversals.

The control system is pretty simple, allowing for four types of grapples using just two of the face buttons (by either tapping or holding A or B). Because the controls are so easy, it doesn't take long before you can star pulling off just about any move in your superstar's repertoire. The majority of signature moves from each star can be found along with two different finishers, which can be engaged by hitting A and B when your Heat Meter is full.

There are several different rope moves and rope physics are pretty solid, creating a greater sense of realism than the Raw series.


Superstar voice over and commentary

Become a Legend Online via Xbox Live

Four Player head-to head Online play with multiple match types and voice chat support

New online create-a-belt feature will change the wrestling genre

Character Evolution - Unique character building story mode allows you to upgrade you Superstar's appearance, abilities, entrance, costumes and move-set as you attempt to win the Heavyweight Championship

Superstar moves and animations come to life like never before with motion captured technology

Pro reversal system - First wrestling game to ever feature a countering system that incorporates a contrary reversal for each and every attacking move

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