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RAW 2 shines on the Xbox video game system with enhanced graphics, gameplay an all-new story mode. Over 60 WWE Superstars are modeled with intricate detail. Up to eight new fully modeled arenas come to life with 3D crowds, special effects and specular highlighting. Enhanced gameplay controls feature a better grappling experience, more balanced momentum shifts and realistic AI. A robust feature set including multi-player season mode, Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, all-new Title Match and the deepest Create-A-Superstar ever will immerse fans like never before. Expect the unexpected and deliver the pain only on Xbox.


  • Updated roster featuring more than 60 WWE Superstars

  • Multiple match types including Triple Threat, Fatal 4 Way, Battle Royal, King of the Ring and Tables, Ladders and Chairs

  • Compete in a multiplayer season mode with up to four players controlling their Superstar and vying for the WWE Championship!

  • Enhanced gameplay and control scheme

  • Exclusive to the Xbox, rip your favorite music tracks to the hard drive to create the ultimate Superstar entrance!

  • Updated Create-a-Superstar mode

  • Compete in a variety of backstage areas and new arenas

  • TV style presentation with fully scaled arenas, dynamic lighting and 3D crowds

Hardware Requirements

Custom track compatible
Vibration function compatible
Memory unit compatible

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Aug 09, 07 4:38pm
ratshit condition WWERaw2RuthlessAggression Xbox
Sep 21, 05 6:12am
Best XBOX wrestling wrestling game EVER!!! WWERaw2RuthlessAggression Xbox
Apr 25, 05 1:04pm
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Jan 26, 05 11:34am
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Super Vegeta
Dec 27, 04 6:50am
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If i get bored of it i will tell you WWERaw2RuthlessAggression Xbox
May 01, 04 10:10am

this game is the best wrestling game yet the graphics beats ps2 wrestling games and...

Apr 23, 04 4:23am
A great game, too slow for my liking. But what the heck, i love wrestling. WWERaw2RuthlessAggression Xbox
Jan 18, 04 8:15am

You're a wrestling fan. You only own an Xbox. Well, that's the only reasons why I'd...

Dec 27, 03 7:15am

the game is good i exhibition and has amazing CAW mode, but the season is the big...

Nov 25, 03 8:07pm

RAW2 is the first wrestling game on Xbox that i've tried until now and I was very...

Nov 19, 03 5:03pm

Yes. I just got an Xbox. As my 3rd Xbox game, WWE Raw 2 just seems like a step down...

Nov 11, 03 12:16am

There isn't a nice way to say it, THQ you suck at wrestling games,(except for the...

Oct 21, 03 8:25am

raw2 is in my opinion going to be the best wrestling game ever this year. i liked it...

Oct 20, 03 10:21am
added 4 cheats
Oct 19, 03 6:35am

Raw 2 is a great game to play and provides you with hours and hours of entertainment....

feling Froggy
Oct 15, 03 6:31pm

This was a dissapointment to me. I thought this would come out to be a great game but...

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