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Wreckless (formerly known as Double STEAL) has you playing two separate storylines at once, one about a female cop duo bent on enacting revenge on the Yakuza, and a bumbling pair who get caught up in the Hong Kong underworld. While some sections of the storyline and levels overlap, you'll have different goals depending on whom you play, as well as unique missions to conquer on each side.


Wreckless: The Yakaza Missions for the Nintendo GameCube is the finest high-suspense, high-speed, mission-based driving game for the much-anticipated new plafform. Choose one of two roles, each with its own storyline: that of an elite anti-Yakuza squad member taking on the vicious mafia or as a high-level secret agent trying to uncover corrupt ties between the mafia and the police. Wreckless takes this thrilling genre to new heights with ultra-realistic, completely free-roaming, interactive environments, unique, pulse-pounding missions, real-time car damage, instant neplays and action-packed gameplay


  • Take down the Yakuza mafia as a cop or a spy.

  • Tackle 20 white-knuckle, high-speed driving missions.

  • Drive 10 vehicles—from sports cars to a monster truck.

  • Navigate a fully interactive, fully destructible city.

  • Relive the action in stunningly realistic replays.

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