Forget about Columbus! Each attempt to conquer the New World failed and a plague wiped out the European population. Those able to flee to America saved themselves, yet were enslaved by the natives. Now, centuries later - no trace of progress exists. To entertain the masses, the outlawed "Vultures" fight in huge arenas. You only think of one thing: To become the number one gladiator to win your freedom! The only valid rule is: Leave the arena as the winner... or in pieces!


  • Action-packed gladiator fights with an exciting end-of-the-world scenario

  • Cinematic 3D graphics make full use of the advanced features of the Xbox video game system
    Realistic character animation

  • More than 16 different gladiators with individual fighting styles

  • Dozens of weapons, from simple daggers to huge swords to mighty battle axes

  • Bodies are divided into hit zones that allow for targeted attacks

  • 25 distinct 3D arenas replete with deadly traps

  • Electrifying atmosphere in the arenas, where the audience vehemently roots for or against the contestants

  • Captivating multiplayer mode for up to 2 players who play with or against each other

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