Deep within the mysterious land of Transylvania, monsters that inhabit man's deepest nightmares take form. One man works to vanquish the demons of the world and destroy the lethal and powerful Count Dracula. Descend into the murky depths of the Carpathian Mountains as legendary monster hunter Van Helsing. As Van Helsing, you battle fiendish creatures with a deadly array of weapons, unique abilities, and unparalleled courage. Evil has one name to fear.


As players progress through Transylvania and the strongholds of Castle Frankenstein and Castle Dracula, they'll encounter untold fiends and evil minions including the legendary dark prince Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Frankenstein Monster and Igor as well as a host of original creatures created for the game including stone gargoyles, fell sprits and banshees.
To help turn the tide of darkness, players can dish out double-fisted damage with a devastating arsenal of melee and ranged weapons including tojo blades, scimitars, pistols, a shotgun and a hand-cranked gatling gun for maximum carnage. Additionally, players will be able to utilize Van Helsing's signature grappling hook to escape impending doom, explore the gameworld and unleash devastating fatality attacks.


  • Explore a haunting land: Travel through Transylvania in 13 exciting missions.

  • Battle the creatures of your nightmares: Including Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, and 22 other villainous creatures.

  • Control an arsenal of powerful deadly weaponry: Wield tojo blades, dual pistols, a gatling gun, the unlockable elephant gun, and more.

  • Deliver spectacular kill moves: Your supernatural enemies won't stand a chance.

  • Unlock content: Added features are hidden in each of the three difficulty modes.
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