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Unreal II is the sequel to the original Unreal and introduces an all-new main player character and new locations. Caught in the middle of a deadly war in a distant sector of space, you must discover the source of this conflict and put an end to it. Take part in more than 10 missions in the FPS viewpoint. Interact with member of your crew in-between missions. Take part in expanded multiplayer games.


As the player, you will take the role of a Terran Colonial Authority Frontier Marshal. Your employer - the Earth-based Civil Government - is weak, a bit player in a Terran political scene dominated by Corporate factions and the infamous Terran Military. You are the 24th century equivalent of a sheriff in the old west, the lone representative of the law in a "rough and tumble" frontier.


  • Full Xbox Live support: Multiplayer modes include head-to-head action and class-based team play.

  • Variety of mission objectives: Assault, infiltration, and defense provide for a diverse gameplay experience.

  • Famed Unreal engine technology: Experience enormously detailed graphics (fire, hair, and clothing) and a wide range of battlegrounds, from the breathtaking vistas of vast alien worlds to claustrophobic underground tunnels.

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very fun game, would be more fun if there werent so many friggin glitches in it.. Unreal2 PC
not that good 6/10 Unreal2 PC

Well first off... yah the first level sucks but who cares. Play the rest of the game...


When I aquired this game the first thing I did was sit down for some XMP. This was an...


I have always enjoyed the Unreal series of games. Both the tournaments and the...


If this game being reviewed in http:\\www.somethingawful.com is not enough warning let...


Although this game can keep you playing for hours, i found that the long loading...


Unreal II: The Awakening is trully amazing. The Character voices, and interaction is...

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