Unreal Championship is a first person shooter that will feature 48 levels drawn from six unique environments. Infogrames promises a whole new game built from the ground up with new characters, tweaked weapons (which you no longer pick up in play), and fighting combos. The 5 multiplayer modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination 2.0, and Bombing Run.


Players will be able to play through a series of matches in the single player mode against computer-controlled opponents (bots) or play online against human-controlled opponents. Both single-player and online aspects of the game will be rich with content and gameplay options giving the player a wide range of first person action experiences.

Designing the First-Person Shooter for Console
Unreal Championship is carefully being developed by Digital Extremes to provide console gamers with an adrenaline packed first-person action experience designed specifically for Xbox and Xbox controller, including jump and speed pads, double jump, weapon auto-aim, a high performance frame rate, unlockable features, and more to keep your appetite at its peak.

Bringing Unreal Championship to life
Unreal Championship will contain all new individualized characters who have their own abilities and origins, over 25 exotic indoor and outdoor locales, out of the box Internet play with up to 16 players online, 4-player split screen, system link capability, exciting gameplay modes, new and returning weapons, and a package of power-ups that will make you giddy with glee.


  • Over 28 all new individualized characters who have their own abilities and origins.

  • Over 25 exotic indoor and outdoor locales.

  • Out of the box Internet play with up to 16 players online.

  • Multiplayer split screen.

  • System link capability.

  • Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination 2.0, Bombing Run and more!

  • Land and air team based vehicles.

  • New weapons!

  • Voice Communication!

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very cool game, dont get it confused with Unreal Tournament. its a sp campaign with mp on unreal 1. Unreal PC
One of the best shooters out there Unreal PC
Gold Edition with Expansion pack Unreal PC
crap. fans of the PC version avoid this Unreal PC

Well all and all this game is the greatest first person shooter-multi player game...

"You bleed better than you shoot." Unreal PC

First Person Shooters are pretty much my type of game. Of every shooter I have ever...


The multiplayer has got to be the best, next to Halo of course. If you like dank, dark...


I have beaten the game on all difficulty settings and it is the same ending every...


This game looks very fun. I have the original Unreal Tournement on Dreamcast and it...

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