Like most online RPGs, True Fantasy Live Online will allow players to create unique characters tailored to their preferences and play style. The game will take place in a world filled with fantastical creatures: a setting with wizards and armies of knights working together to destroy evil creatures that threaten the innocent. Additionally, True Fantasy Live Online will make use of voice chat, which will allow for easy and effective in-game communication without requiring a keyboard.


"True Fantasy Live Online" takes place in a world filled with fantastical characters such as high-flying broomstick-riding wizards and armies of armored knights working together to vanquish evil creatures that threaten the innocent. Numerous players will work and play together in one of the largest massively multiplayer online role- playing games created for Xbox Live. In the "True Fantasy Live Online" world, players can create their own unique alter egos for themselves, tailoring their in-game avatars to fit their playing style and personal preferences. And with the voice chat feature, chatting with others becomes as natural and as easy as talking to friends on the phone ... a far cry from bulky keyboards that require putting down the controller.

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Reuters confirms today that Microsoft will be cancelling the release of Level 5's anticipated multi-player online... posted Jun 03, 04 4:45pm

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