Trigger Man puts you in the shoes of the underworld's toughest mob enforcer. You'll have to work fast; all you have are your wits, muscle and brute force. Don Coladangelo always treated you like a son. Taught you the old ways and codes of the family; do what you gotta do, but protect the innocent and never let the cops get wise. His rise to the top brought about an unofficial truce amongst the bickering crime families.


  • Eight mobster missions: In the name of the Coladangelo Family, engage in the destruction of rival gang operations, intimidation or assassination of witnesses and rival mob leaders, and wounding a "soldier" here and there as a message to his boss.
  • Realistic locales: Search through deserted loading docks, duke it out in a fine Italian restaurant or scour a casino for your prey. There are many locations for your enemies to hide.
  • Knife-cam: Use a special throwing knife to rub out your enemies silently from a distance. When you throw a knife, a first-person camera attaches to it and allows you to "steer" as it flies toward your victim.
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