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From the makers of "FIFA Football," Total Club Manager 2005 will pit your football wits against the best managers in the world. Whether you are scrapping for points in a relegation battle, or on the verge of European victory, TCM 2005 will guarantee you feel the pressures of the modern day football manager.


Football Manager simulation Game


Football Fusion Lets You take your squad from Total Club Manager 2005 and play it on Fifa Football 2005. Watch 3D Matches & shout instructions from the Dugout with all new Interactive Manager Dugout. TCM2005 Features 18,000 players from over 20 fully licensed leagues.
Caville played Total Club Manager 2005
May 27, 09 12:50pm
Tons of detail and managerial fun. They should have made more of these on the console. TotalClubManager2005 PC
EFCwestyEFC owns Total Club Manager 2005
Oct 04, 05 12:06am
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