They kidnapped his father. They destroyed his village. Now, he's the world's only hope against an evil sorcerer - and not even time can stand in his way. Meet Tork - cave kid, shape shifter, and time-traveling bone buster. With a fiery heart and flinty determination, Tork vows to steamroll through time and put history itself back on track.


Players engage in an action-packed game that combines the usual formula of "slugging it out" with the enemy, but also adds a new twist in shapefshifting. Tork uses his club-like weapon to beat his enemies, and when needed, he can transform into different monsters and animals including a yeti.


  • Change into three mighty spirit animals - a hulking Yeti, a tough-skinned Armadillo, or the super-slippery Flying Squirrel!
  • Unleash your bone-busting bolas on dinosaurs, gargoyles, robots, and more as you fight your way from the Stone Age to the Age of Fantastical Machines!
  • Dodge snowy avalanches, lava-belching volcanoes, and creaking machines in gobs of fantastical environments!
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Tork is Crash bandicoot style platformer, but more focused on the arcade and fast...

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