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The advanced Neowave edition of SNK's KOF comes home, with full Xbox Live play including rematch, head-to-head fighting and Tournament Modes so you can beat the heck out of anybody in the world.

KOF Neowave features 12 three-man teams made up of some of the greatest characters from SNK's 11-year history, including the Women Fighters Team (Mai, King and Yuri) and the Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Joe, and Andy). All told, 43 characters are ready to fight, including 7 Bonus characters. It all goes down in multiple modes of play - Super Cancel, Guard Break, and Max2. A new "Heat Mode" lets players power up their attacks in exchange for a gradual loss of health.


  • 43 characters from past KOF games - available for the first time in one arena
  • 13 extreme 2D fighting teams with 7 bonus characters to unlock
  • Revives the popular 3-on-3 battle Format
  • Upgraded Max-On Power System
  • Over-the-top Super Special Moves to cause extreme damage
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