The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.8/10

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay Reviews

website score publish date
Gaming Headlines 8/10 Nov 27 '04
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.4/10 Jun 13 '04
Game Revolution B+ Jun 03 '04
GameDaily 9/10 Jun 09 '04
Gamespy 4/5 Jun 01 '04
Maxim Online 4/5 Jun 05 '04
Thunderbolt 9/10 Dec 06 '04
Xbox Addict 98% Jun 08 '04
Game Critics 10/10 Jun 30 '04
Gamer's Hell 9.4/10 Jun 08 '04
Gamespot 9.3/10 Jun 01 '04
GameZone 9.2/10 Jun 04 '04
Gaming Target 9.2/10 Jun 08 '04
IGN Xbox 8.5/10 May 28 '04
Kikizo Games 9.1/10 May 27 '04
Team Xbox 8.4/10 Jun 02 '04
Yahoo! Gamesource 8/10 Jun 02 '04
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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay Previews

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Gamer's Hell on Jun 09 '04

"It really is an awesome game in every way, and I can’t even imagine what total score it’d get if it fulfilled its multiplayer potential." "

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Gamespy on Jun 17 '04

"I'm proud to have beaten the snot out of Butcher Bay, and I've not enjoyed a video game as much as Escape from Butcher Bay for quite a long while."

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GameZone on Jun 09 '04

"This game scores on the concept scale not only for the wonderful game design, but for the fact that offers a facet of the life of Riddick not available elsewhere." "

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Gaming Target on Jun 09 '04

"As the title might suggest, Escape From Butcher Bay is all about making an escape – in this case, the triple-max Butcher Bay prison, the supposed ‘toughest slam in the galaxy’ where nobody has ever..."

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Kikizo Games on May 28 '04

"Cue a combination of wily, cunning, stealth, shooting, action, vent-crawling and visceral violence in general. What you may not have heard is that this combination is executed so exceptionally..."

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