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KOTOR 2 will be based five years after the original KOTOR. Because of the player's ability to change the outcome of the original KOTOR, the plot of KOTOR 2 will not be directly related to the first game. Instead, a series of questions will be asked at the beginning of the game that will evaluate which ending (dark or light) the player wants to play after. The rest of the game will be affected by these answers.

In KOTOR 2, you will play as the last known jedi of the order, as it has since disbanded due to the stress put upon it by Darth Malak's reign of terror and a civil war. You will start the game as a jedi, though, due to the fact that you are an "outcast," you have become somewhat seperated from the Force. You will not start out with all of your powers, nor will you receive a lightsaber.

Though the developer Obsidian doesn't wish to reveal much more about the plot, three characters out of the ten that will be available in your party have been revealed. They are T3-M4 (returning), Krela (an older Jedi), and Atton Rand (macho man).


The game play will be similar to the first game. The developers didn't want to tamper with the functionality becuase they felt that it was good. However, they have improved the gameplay aspects and added new and improved features.


Some new features that this game will include are:
-An improved version of the Workbench. The bench now includes more upgrade options. You will now be able to disassemble an item in order to furhter upgrade a different one. Also, the amount and type of options available on your workbench will now be affected by your skills, specifically repair and security.

-Quick-toggle weapon buttons. You will now be able to assign a button to toggle between two different weapons, instead of having to access the menu. This comes in handy when one weapon works better on a particular enemy.

-New prestige classes. Instead of remaining a Padawan throughout the entire game (as in the original KOTOR), you will now be able to upgrade to different classes. These are Sith Lord, Sith Marauder, Sith Assassin, Jedi Master, Jedi Watchman, and Jedi Weapons Master.

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