Spyro must save the Dragon Realms from the Evil Red Dragon who has planted light-sapping Dark Gems all over the Dragon Realms in an attempt to capture and control the world. With the help of his allies, Spyro must seek out and destroy all of the Dark Gems to return the lands back to normal and to save the Dragon Realms from the evil dragon's tyrannical control.


Play as Spyro, Sparx, Hunter, Sgt. Byrd, and Blink the Mole


  • In the newest adventure, you are able to play as Spyro, Sparx, Hunter the Cheetah, Sgt. Byrd, and Blink the Mole.

  • Utilize many abilities such as Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Lightning Breath, and Water Breath.

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It's good from what I can tell. I'm only on level 1! SpyroAHerosTail Xbox
Good attempt, but not as good as PS1 Spyro Games SpyroAHerosTail Xbox
lol my mum loves these games SpyroAHerosTail Xbox
There's this random-as glitch that sometime's make's the floor black!It also turn's it into pit's. SpyroAHerosTail Xbox
The only Spyro game that I really like, from all PS2 Spyros. SpyroAHerosTail Xbox
Another one that is just for my collection. SpyroAHerosTail Xbox
YEE-HAA GRANMA!!!!Go Spyro*crazy dance*^_^ SpyroAHerosTail Xbox
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