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After 10 years, the bad blood still rages between Team Spike and Team Inferno in Diesel Town. Spike Jr. now leads his father's team and he's gearing up for a brutal attack on Team Inferno. Twelve intimidating street fighters roam the vast 3D world and throw down in true hand-to-hand melee combat with brutal, over-the-top attack moves. With Xbox Live, experience cooperative gameplay with friends while talking smack via Xbox Communicators. Explore the vast 3D world to engage in true hand-to-hand melee combat against massive number of enemies. Pound and sweep the enemies with over the top attack moves.


  • Xbox Live: Allows up to 4 players to strategize and experience cooperative gameplay with live voice chat using Xbox Communicators.
  • Pick-up and play with easy interface and controls, or delve deep into the intriguing world.
  • Online Ranking: Facilities will be in place to hold events and post player's rankings.
  • Many modes including: Story (offline), Battle Street (single system co-op play, Xbox Live, System Link), and Training.

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More an attempt at a next-gen Final Fight than anything, Sega's Xbox fighter brings...

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