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As the ruthless Roman Empire, under the bloodthirsty Emperor Tiberius, marches across the civilised world and seizes control of all in its path, one solitary land of warriors remains defiant: Sparta.

As the Romans gather at the gates of the city, one lone Spartan rallies his comrades to stand firm against the evil empire. This is your battle!


Fight alongside hundreds of allies to liberate Sparta from the oppression of the Roman Empire, while completing a personal journey from Warrior to Hero and eventually Legend. Discover mythical beasts, legendary lands, legions of foes and divine weaponry, and earn your right to be called a true Legend.


  • One warrior against hundreds - truly epic-scale battlefield combat as never seen before.
  • Hundreds of combatants fight on-screen at once, filling massive, interactive battleground landscapes with the sights and sounds of their struggle.
  • Wide-ranging enemies with differing strengths and vulnerabilities - mastering weapons, gaining strength and adapting tactics are a must.
  • Individual fatality moves for each melee weapon.
  • Use your shield offensively as a powered weapon.
  • Thirteen vast levels across three continents.
  • A variety of weapon types including swords, dual swords, spears, hammers and bows, all with two forms of attack - swift attacks target individuals while sweeping attacks target groups.

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very good hack and slash game but a little bit short 7/10 SpartanTotalWarrior PS2
quite voilent and is a 15+ SpartanTotalWarrior Xbox
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A great ps2 hack and slash SpartanTotalWarrior Xbox
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7.0 / 10
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