In the near future time-travel has been invented. Time Safari Inc. offers the opportunity to go back to the Jurassic period and go hunting for dinosaurs that make T-Rex look like a cute puppy. There are three rules that you must obey if you want to participate. Don't change anything in the past, don't leave anything behind, and don't bring anything back. Unfortunately, someone screwed up...


A sequence of time-ripples begins to mutate the present day world and a new evolutionary timeline is born… bringing along with it a whole menagerie of mutated and horrifying creatures that could have been. You play Travis Ryer, the man who must solve the mystery and sort out the mess that might just mean the end of human existence. Time is definitely not on your side.


  • Unique "Time Wave" feature that alters levels and forces gamers to rethink tactics.
  • Nail biting single player Story mode. Solve puzzles, manipulate items, interact with other characters and blast mutant creatures and plants.
  • Cooperative multiplayer – two players can solve puzzles and fight even nastier beasts together.
  • The ultimate multiplayer blast-fest
  • Large mutated dinosaurs and creatures such as wolf-crocs, spider-cats, stag-dragons and snake-apes that materialize and attack in large numbers.
  • Explore richly detailed interior and exterior city environments that gradually get taken over by mutant growth and damage as the game progresses.
  • An impressive array of weaponry including Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Stun Prod and Time Freeze Grenade.
  • Commandeer all terrain vehicles to search areas impassable by foot. In Co-op mode, one player shoots while the other drives.
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