Take control of the worlds most famous wakeboarder Shaun Murray. Then take your wakeboard and hit the waves of 11 real world locations. While there unleash a massive amount of tricks and pull off huge air. The possibilities are endless as a new style of non-linear gameplay is revealed.


  • Unique gameplay: With a ton of innovative objectives, the game gives you the option to take control of the speedboat, compete in a variety of competitions, and unlock secret challenges. With the Rope Mechanics, you can let go of the rope in order to find secret areas and venture into unteathered territory. Then, grab onto the rope again to continue exploring exciting new areas.

  • Revolutionary water graphics: The game features the most impressive water physics in a video game to date. From the particle effects to the formation of the wake, you'll be mesmerized by the realistic shape and reflections of the water.

  • Groundbreaking two-player modes: Play cooperatively with a friend in Co-Op (one of you controls the rider while the other controls the boat) and Tug-of-War (dominate the other wakeboarders by taking their extra rope).

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