Prepare for the definitive car racing simulation. "SEGA GT 2002" features more than 125 classic and contemporary high performance vehicles, which were created using the exact handling and performance specifications from their real-life counterparts. Players can fill their garage with tricked-out cars and trophies. Classic car buffs can also drool over "Chronicle Mode" where they can take to the streets in the hottest muscle cars from the '60s, '70s and '80s.


  • More than 100 licensed sports cars ranging from classics to current models – better get a bigger garage!
  • Handling and performance for each car based on original specifications
  • Quick Battle Mode offers immediate head-to-head split screen racing action
  • Get behind the wheel of cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s in Chronicle Mode
  • Event Races force gamers to perfect their driving techniques if they want to take home an award
  • More than twelve tracks and five environments to race in
  • Time Attack Mode, Car Dealerships, Parts Shops and more!

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jarod0962 played Sega GT 2002
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I ony have a full demo with another game called JSRF: Jet Set Raio Future SegaGT2002 Xbox
Damn licence tests. : SegaGT2002 Xbox
It came with my Xbox! =D SegaGT2002 Xbox
This game is okay.....Its No Gran Turismo Though SegaGT2002 Xbox

Sega GT has all the makings of a great car game. Lotuses, fast courses and a fun...


This is probably the only racer i enjoyed on the xbox. Other games on the xbox get...


I believe it is one of the better games I have ever played. Very detailed and very...


This game, In my opinion, (if you like racing games) was absolutely awesome! The...


This game is a blast. I'll admit that I'm new to Xbox, and therefore might find out...


If you like fast cars, awesome graphics and spectacular landscapes this is the game to...


Got this game free when I purchased my X-Box, ignored it for a while due to Halo, then...


it has soo many cool cars and it keeps you entertained for hours on end. I like how...


This is a very good game if you like racing games. If not I think you'll get bored of...


Car detail in cars are FANTASTIC and the whole garage idea is smart, but lacks detail...


Overall the best racing game ever. All the goodness of Gran Turismo 4: A-Spec (is that...


Sega Gt is allright
First I started with a Peugot, then a Type R, then I bought a...


GT Mode is great. Bacially, you participate in 3 races, and take a licence test. The...

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