Sega GT returns to the Xbox only this time Xbox Live enabled. Sega GT Online will feature tons of available cars to drive around the wide variety of courses. Race up to 5 other people through Xbox Live as your battle to see who really is king of the streets. If showing your the supreme driver isn't enough, then pull all your cards on the table. Even bet your pink slip to your car if you want.


  • Newly enhanced for Xbox Live - real-time voice chat, online racing, downloadable content, and trading

  • Transfer Sega GT 2002 save data to access customized cars from last year's game

  • 165+ licensed cars - Over 40 new cars ranging from 50's classics to the concepts

  • Licensed and customizable soundtrack featuring songs from more than 25 alternative, indie, garage, punk, ska and rock bands

  • New tracks, weather effects, and special time-triggered events
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Very fun, Doesn't need anything as far as I am concerned SegaGTOnline Xbox

Sega GT Online does just that! It takes Sega GT 2002 online, and adds a whole lot more...

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