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Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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Second Sight Reviews

website score publish date
XboXtreme 85/100 Dec 14 '04
Extreme Gamer 70% Oct 18 '04
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.2/10 Nov 27 '04
GameDaily 7/10 Dec 16 '04
EuroGamer 8/10 Aug 24 '04
Game Critics 7.5/10 Jan 19 '05
Gamespot 7.3/10 Feb 22 '05
Gamespy 4/5 Sep 21 '04
IGN Xbox 7.9/10 Sep 16 '04
Team Xbox 7.9/10 Sep 20 '04
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Second Sight Previews

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EuroGamer on Aug 25 '04

"...Second Sight rises above many of the quibbles that you could justifiably level at it. A key ingredient in its success is its engaging concept, which comes layered with a satisfying narrative..."

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Gamespot on Sep 21 '04

"Despite a few rough patches, Second Sight ought to be an entertaining and unique ride for just about any action fan."

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IGN Xbox on Sep 17 '04

"’s fun while it lasts. Second Sight boasts a great story and characters with little to no down time. You’re constantly laying the smack down through mental powers and well-placed sniper..."

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