With the northern hemisphere submerged due to a massive subterranean earthquake of Biblical proportions, and three tyrannical despots oppressing and exploiting the populations, SeaBlades are sent to liberate the oppressed, crush the tyrants and investigate an unknown power. Taking full advantage of the awesome potential of the Xbox, SeaBlade delivers unprecedented combat action above and below the water.


  • White-knuckle arcade-action shooter that takes full advantage of Xbox graphical capabilities

  • 16 exciting, fully articulated SeaBlade vehicles to choose from

  • Six diverse, apocalyptic environments featuring branching routes for extended gameplay.

  • Advanced offensive and defensive weaponry for maximum firepower

  • Realistic water motion, physics and environments

  • Ominous boss creatures stand between the player and victory.

  • Multiplayer for up to four players simultaneously in co-op or competitive mode

  • Completing single player missions unlocks additional SeaBlades and other vehicles for multiplayer
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