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Bobby "Scaler" Jenkins got more than he bargained for when he stumbled upon his next door neighbor's evil plot to take over the world by stealing all the lizards and training them to become his mutant army. Bobby takes on his enemies in ways kids will only have dreamed of... by transforming into one of them. Sneaky, elusive, witty and hysterical – this unexpected hero will keep you guessing just what will happen next!


  • Power ups–Grab lots of "Klokkie Balls" and seek out the rare "Crystal-Gems"! Use them to rev-up the skills necessary to overcome obstacles and battle evil enemies.
  • Transformations –Take the shape, abilities and weapons of five different characters –essential to progress through the game!
  • Climbing –Scale vertical surfaces and even go all the way upside down!
  • Sliding–Surf on wild vines and use the static electricity to juice-up your electric discharge weapon.
  • Camouflage –Go "Super-Stealth" (a super-cool proprietary game technology) to blend in with environments and fake-out enemies.
  • Visuals –Exotic plants, wondrous creatures and beautiful landscapes.
  • Huge World – 10 original levels to explore.
  • Humor – Scaler is quick witted and laughs in the face of dragon danger.
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If it wasn't for the shapeshifting, I'd hate this game. But it has shapeshifting, so I love it. ScalerTheShapeShiftingChameleon PS2
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i like transforming ScalerTheShapeShiftingChameleon PS2
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Out of the gaming blue comes a new scaly character who kinda looks like the reptile...

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short but sweet ScalerTheShapeShiftingChameleon PS2
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