Based on the popular board game of the same name, the aim here is to conquer the world. You move your armies to try and occupy territory and battling with others to take over theirs. You can play by the traditional rules or you can use some of the new rulesets to spice up the game. If you've never played the board game then here is your chance to experience Risk at its finest.


  • Ten in-game opponents, each with personality, voice and unique playing style
  • Three modes to play: Classic, Mission RISK, and Capitol RISK
  • Unique Cinematic Battle view with panning camera. This is real war and there will never be the same battle twice
  • Options for extended play: Commander Mode, Attack Advantage, Map changes, Territory Troop Maximums
  • Console-specific interface design
  • Medals awarded for exceptional battle results and accomplishments
  • Unlocking characters and collectable dice
  • Supports up to six players
  • Individual user statistics
  • Highly stylized game environment that supports the core fantasy of the RISK game
  • Dice-spin to increase player excitement- (provides player with a feeling of control releasing the dice)
  • Tutorial mode
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