In Resonance, you play the role of Faye Wynter, a witch constanly hounded by the Inquisition while she desperately tries to discover the meaning behind her special powers and her part in the events that will change her world. Everywhere you turn, society reeks of corruption and deceit. Who will you trust? Will you take the path set before you or does Destiny have something else planned for you? This title is a single player action/rpg/survival horror genre mix.


  • Survival-Horror/RPG hybrid combines the best of both genres

  • 15 Special Powers, each with their own distinctive gameplay

  • Large arsenal of melee and powder weapons

  • Original Renaissance setting inspired by the inquisition

  • Open-ended levels with a variety of enviroments

  • Dozens of compelling side quests

  • Featuring the Gamebryo engine, from NDL

  • The resonance, a special power that provides a unique gameplay experience

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