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Average Review Score: 7.9/10

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Red Dead Revolver Reviews

website score publish date
Extreme Gamer 80% May 27 '04
Game Chronicles Magazine 8.9/10 Jun 05 '04
Gamer's Hell 8.3/10 Aug 19 '04
Thunderbolt 9/10 Jul 07 '05
EuroGamer 6/10 Jun 08 '04
Game Critics 8.0/10 May 26 '04
Gamespot 7.3/10 May 03 '04
IGN Xbox 7.5/10 Apr 30 '04
Team Xbox 7.5/10 May 09 '04
Xbox Addict 80% May 27 '04
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Red Dead Revolver Previews

website publish date
IGN Xbox Mar 12 '04
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EuroGamer on Jun 08 '04

"If all you want is an untaxing Wild West shooter that you can blitz through in (less than) a weekend, then step right up. But be warned: at full price you'll have a hard time getting your money's..."

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Extreme Gamer on May 28 '04

"Red Dead Revolver is a solid action game set in the old west. This game is definitely worth a rental or purchase. The lack of multiplayer and short story mode are the only drawbacks in otherwise an..."

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IGN Xbox on Mar 15 '04

"Red Dead Revolver will, without a doubt, fill that huge hole in the Wild West of videogames with something unique, stylistic, and quirky. An eccentric shooter crammed with variety and a mix of..."

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IGN Xbox on May 03 '04

"...I have desperately wanted to play a good Western shooter for years now, and Red Dead Revolver almost fits the bill. It's got some great ideas that seem to have had problems being fleshed out to..."

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Thunderbolt on May 23 '08

"Red Dead Revolver is such an enjoyable experience that you'll be racing through each level, not only to unlock more pages in the journal, but to experience the different situations."

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