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  • The End of an Era
    Rainbow Six Critical Hour's storyline bids on nostalgia as John Clark retires and passes the torch to his son-in-law Ding Chavez.
  • Classic Missions Return
    Seven single-player missions from the classic Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear games are revamped using today's technology.
  • Refocused Tactical Gameplay
    Through slower pacing and an enhanced combat model, strategic planning is the central element of gameplay.
  • Advanced Combat Model
    Choose your steps wisely - your actions can prove to be the difference between life and death. Weapon accuracy is affected by in-game maneuvers and events such as running, crouching, standing still, or firing while injured.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Match your wits against intelligent enemies thanks to an advanced AI system, making for startlingly realistic gameplay.
  • Superior Multiplayer Experience
    Rainbow Six Critical Hour comes equipped with a superior multiplayer experience, including the revolutionary Persistent Elite Creation and Rivalry modes made famous by Rainbow Six Lockdown, as well as the new and innovative Assassin and Free-for-All modes.
  • Single-Player Action
    Close-quarter, non-linear level design challenges even the most tactical of gamers, increasing the importance of the infamous one-shot kill.
  • Weapons and Equipment
    Enter the battle with today's most advanced weaponry (over 20 weapons in all) and high-tech equipment.
  • Span the Globe
    From Idaho to Venice, Mexico City to Siberia, Team Rainbow travels the world to serve and protect the innocent from terrorist threats.

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  • Genre: Shooter (Xbox)
  • Developer: Red Storm
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
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    North AmericaMar 14, 2006
    AustraliaSep 8, 2006
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