Travel back into Medieval Europe where an out-of-control plague spawned by demons has ravaged thousands of lives. You assume the role of Douran, set out on a mission to rid the land of a terrible demon. Interact with many different characters along your journey. Use a variety of weapons, tools and magic spells at your disposal to destroy the mysterious Black Death plague.


  • Multiple characters with unique mechanics, traps and obstacles
  • Eight major settings, including 58 sub-locations
  • Mature art style, including dark and menacing graphics, realistic medieval environments and rich use of color
  • Advanced combat system with attack, defend, block and grab moves
  • RPG elements of character progression and upgrades for weapons, armor, helpful items and magical powers
  • Assignable magic tarot cards allow for attacks, defense and special powers
  • Twenty-five different enemies, both magical and non-magical
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