The next installment of the ever popular series. This one looks set to be a true MMORPG something which is new to the series and so should be an exciting adventure.


  • A full-featured single-player campaign spanning more than 40 hours of gameplay.
  • Three different planets to explore.
  • A strong ensemble joins Ethan on his journey; each character has their own unique skill set to bring into battle.
  • Controllable vehicles make transportation easier and more fun.
  • More than 20 dungeons in the single-player adventure.
  • A giant game world that will evolve with new content online over the course of several years.

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Feb 08, 12 2:17pm
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x 3PITOM3 played Phantasy Star Universe
Dec 13, 10 5:50am
I love the storyline of this game. Its really an amazing game, too under rated. PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox

Those who played the online Phantasy Star games, particularly since the Dreamcast era are in for a sad day, at... posted Jan 26, 10 4:33am

gerard way owns you
Jun 09, 09 3:23pm
Terrible voice acting, but I like the gameplay. PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
May 27, 09 1:15pm
Haven't played enough of yet to comment... PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
Mar 18, 09 5:23am
Interesting... PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
Oct 05, 08 2:55am
i like it, but don't play much. PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
Jan 10, 08 9:36am
Christmas is great! PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
Subtle Demise
Sep 05, 07 4:15pm
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The Link Master
Jan 10, 07 10:38am
Good Game PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
Nov 15, 06 2:44pm
great game in a great series PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
Jun 01, 05 12:30pm
i found it in the trash PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
May 19, 05 8:54pm
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Super Saiyan Goku
Apr 30, 05 12:54pm
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Super Saiyan Goku
Mar 23, 05 7:12pm
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