It's kill or be killed in this FPS with intense, fast frenzy paced action set in a dark, gloomy enviroment. Features include 5 different combo weapons to choose, and outstanding graphics with large levels containing up to thousands of enemies.


The game is an old-school FPS, meaning that you don't need to have brains for solving things, here, you just have to shoot the hord of demons coming in a closed arena. Destroying them will open the next section of the level.

The game is featuring two important mechanics: the Black Tarot and the Demon Morph. The Black Tarot allows you to carry its cards for using their effects during fights. You can only carry 5 per level: 2 Silver Cards (with immediate effect and without limiting use) and 3 Golden ones (you can only use them one time per level and in a limited time, unless you have the card that can allow you three uses). The cards can be acquired by winning challenges like using a certain type of weapons, killing all enemies, find all secrets, etc.. The cards are also costing gold when you place them, so, it's up to you to collect the money.

The Demon Morph is happening every 66 souls eaten. Demons that died let behind them a green/red soul that can heal you but also allows you to build your morph. A Demon Morph can kill instantly every demon by looking and firing at them. It's limited in time.

Finally, the choice of difficulty will have an impact on the game: choosing Daydream will allow cheats code but you're denied to acquire cards and to play three levels. Insomnia is still allowing cheats codes but you can also play with Tarot and play one of the level. Nightmare is denying the use of cheats codes and allows you to play a second locked level. Finally, Trauma is shortened by a chapter but you can play all the locked levels. You can't use cheats and demons aren't letting souls behind them. Also, when you have finished Insomnia for example and you're beginning a new game in Nightmare, you will still have the unlocked cards.


  • First person shooter

  • Uses the new proprietary 3-D PAIN Engine

  • All weapons come in pairs, with a primary and secondary fire

  • Advanced AI coding will simulate group behaviours

  • For 1 or more players over LAN or Internet.

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