OutRun 2 features the distinctive racing feel that first thrilled arcade goers in the mid-'80s with the original racing classic. The legendary racer returns with all of the original's awesome features plus much more. Blistering graphics, remixes of the original music tracks, and electrifying gameplay all combine for an OutRun 2 experience that ignites the Xbox® with the heart-pounding excitement of arcade racing.


  • Instant-play modes: Jump right in with pick-up-and-play arcade game modes. In the OutRun tradition, OutRun 2 features fast and fun arcade racing modes that combine the fun of racing with easy-to-play game modes. Heart Attack mode offers storyline-based play.
  • Fully licensed Ferraris: Choose from eight different fast and stylish Ferrari cars, including the Enzo Ferrari, Dino 246 GTS, 365 GTS/4 Daytona, Testarossa, 360 Spider, 288 GTO, F40, and F50.
  • Huge track environments and options: Race in over 15 tracks set against spectacular, massive environments inspired by locations throughout the world, including ancient deserts, snowy mountains, foggy hills, and tropical cities.
  • Xbox Live features: Compete online for even more thrilling action. You can even upload and download ghosts to challenge other players' best races. Also, downloadable content will be available in the future.

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A direct port of Sega's popular racing series, Outrun 2 brings the arcade game home...

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