Nightcaster puts the player in the role of Arran, a staff-wielding wizard. At the game's outset, Arran will be a young, inexperienced magician. However, as you progress through the game, your youthful energy will be replaced with aged wisdom, turning Arran into a magic-using powerhouse. The game currently has lots of elemental spells, which can be cast at varying levels.


  • Stunning spells - "Nightcaster" features over 40 spectacular and 3-D spells from four different schools of magic - Light, Dark, Fire & Water.

  • Addictive spell combat - players can choose brute force or smart tactics when they select the appropriate school of magic and spells.

  • Unique control mechanism - Using the dual analog controls, players can control Arran's movements separately from the Orb and use the orb as a targeting device to cast spells.
    This enables a more fast and furious gameplay experience.

  • Character evolution - Experience Arran's evolution throughout the game, from young novice to a powerful elder mage. As Arran ages, he acquires new spells, growing ever more powerful.

  • Rich environments - The beautifully detailed 3-D world is vast with a variety of different lands, from the depths of the Buried City to the shimmering halls of the Ice Fortress. Each is replete with dynamic lighting and shading and particle effects. Further enhanced by Direct Music, the environments become an even more immersive experience than ever imagined.

  • Many and varied enemies - Over 30 types of creatures provide an added challenge and make for an increased adventure! Use your spells against them, each with unique attack types and behaviors.

  • Subquests and NPC - Interact with friends and other NPC characters as the story takes you across the land. Triumphs will result in permanent changes to the game world.

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Nightcaster is an adventure game about a guy called Aaran who is chosen by a magical...


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT GET THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok do not waste your mony on this game as I...


Okay, the only creatures that really bugged the heck outta me were the Ice Golems


This is a good game for those who are not hard core gamers. It is entertaining and...


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If your after an action adventure game then try this one out. Its got old school...

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