Need For Speed Underground Own / Want List

Username Comments
Gravity None
Pogo the Monkey None
Downward Spiral I played this game for a strong month until I finally beat it. It is fun to deck out your own car. Thats what kept me playing.
WingZero259 None
Peach15LFC None
Gho st None
The Trashman Awsome game
Nutso None
Steveo099990 None
The Doggfather None
snakekiller None
maxted None
Deutscher Amerikaner None
Vlad78 None
Gonessy None
Jacob Crow None
z0ne None
BamDan None
circa987 None
ImortalHuman None
Jasonater cool
ZaikXory None
chaotic None
abbyrust None
Darkhyperchaos None
JasonKaotic Making cars is the only good thing about it.
smiffus None
CloudGalacy None
chrisdoyle None