Get out of the stands and onto the court in NBA Live 2002! This basketball experience has it all - for the first time, feel what it's like to be an NBA player. See the court through his eyes, hear the roar of the fans and talk from the other players as you pound the hardwood for 48 minutes, looking for the win. NBA Live 2002 lets you open up your low-post game to include more dunks, moves, passes and paint domination. With all the teams, stars and stadiums, NBA Live 2002 puts you in the center circle in your quest for the NBA title!


  • Drastic visual improvements - New player accessories including knee pads and knee braces, arm and head bands, varying sock lengths, a variety of shoes and more.

  • Implemented inside game - Inside play around and under the basket improves with various post moves,an expanded shot selection, along with improved post defense, and rebounding.

  • Franchise Mode - Build the NBA's next dynasty in season-to-season Franchise Mode.

  • Smoother game play - Picks up the pace and speeds up the game.

  • New cut scenes focusing on player-player and player-referee interaction elevate the game experience to an all-new high.

  • Legendary Players - Take 'em on 5-on-5 or 1-on-1 and decide for yourself who are the greatest players of all time.

  • Improved front-end interface and flow - Simplified controls and a more linear flow.

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