Challenging you to step onto the hardwood and take it to the rack, NBA Inside Drive 2003 dares each player to go up strong or don't go up at all, with hip-hop beats, fluid gameplay, innovative commentary and realistic player models of all the NBA franchises. Team-specific playbooks and tendencies along with one-touch coaching options allow for strategic, on-the-fly play calling. Take a created player to new heights by earning achievements. Gamers can also manage their favorite teams and players.


  • High-intensity NBA gamplay. Dozens of dunks, including tip dunks, multiple jukes and an enhanced post-up game with new post dekes, put an entire hoops arsenal at the gamer's disposal. Team-specific playbooks and tendencies along with one-touch coaching options provide gamers with the true experience of strategic, on-the-fly play calling.

  • Ultra-realistic player models and graphics. NBA Inside Drive 2003 features over 1,000 animations with enhanced skin textures, hundreds of individually modeled player heads and multiple custom body types, complete with headbands, brand shoes, tattoos and cornrows.

  • Achievements. Allows you to take a created player to new heights and lets you show off your skills. When your newly created player earns certain achievements, you'll receive additional points that you can use to increase his abilities.

  • Practice mode. Gamers can perfect their dribbling, shooting and passing skills in the new practice mode. Included in the new practicemode is the new two-on-two game on the hardwood of any NBA arena.

  • Player Editor. NBA Inside Drive 2003 gamers can create their own hoopster to battle with the big dogs down low or hit the trey from downtown. The ability to create and adjust player ratings, attributes and physical traits (with hundreds of faces, heads and body types to choose from), puts the gamer in control of the NBA.

  • Dynasty mode. Gamers can play up to 25 NBA seasons, win championships and retire to the hall of fame. In addition, NBA Inside Drive 2003 challenges gamers to manage their team and players season after season. Gamers have full GM capabilities, including the ability to make unbalanced trades, conduct a rookie draft and trade draft picks to build the ultimate NBA team.

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