The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind G.O.T.Y. Own / Want List

Username Comments
Romanaxle Solsthriem and Mournhold are great additions to the original game. New weapons and armor.
Ice Armor Stalhrim Morrowind is the best ame, could play it for an Eternity
nerevarsdeath Case included and book to.l
eventide mine, kept map from old Morrowind for poster purposes ^_^
Bunnyburn Almost 3000 hours of gameplay on this baby... hahaha!
ShadowJ None
U_know_who None
Michaeldsuarez None
cobra2 Haven
MasterCheat None
harikari Best rpg ever
mojothemonkey None
jjdog202 None
BoilingPoint Vast
Mystic None
kDevil 8 None
poo55555 Very LOOOOONG.
Bubbster damnit, too scratched to play :(
The Groove Master Really good game
VeXx None
ruingliff4 None
Necros None
bladingfreak None
apockolipse None
bhh12345 None
silverbot02 None
alphatyrone Got scratched the third day I had it.
Great Nosferatu Very good
Lord Guan Yu None
Striker_44 None
Darth Revan None
King Arthas 89 Used frequently
Solus1 vry good game
Dark_Orc None
james9382 best rpg for Xbox
gegmar None
FireSword007 None
Eve B Hart None
grltech None
mastercooldude it just rocks
mosenmori I rememeber when i first got this game, 2003?...........................
Hiro Love it
unknown000 RPG
ILT2M None
Eris The Goddess None
keepergarrett None
morrowind the bad scratches i hate kmart.
LegendaryGuardian None
Antaikronik Oblivion is better =P